In 1926, Daniel Levi Understood Something:

Jewelry isn’t about metals and rocks. It represents relationships between people. From there, the right business practices came naturally. Instead of whetting his salesmanship skills, Daniel listened. He learned that people would never be satisfied with something he persuaded them to like – instead, they needed to see peerless pieces of art that could capture some aspect of their emotional lives. When that happened, he made a sale.

Over time, family members added to Daniel’s repertoire of skills. One was a creative jeweler who invented new, beautiful designs. Another was a keen businessman who built a relationship with diamond merchants, becoming a direct importer of diamonds at wholesale prices.

Today, Bert Levi Family Jewelers Keeps That Legacy Alive.

We still import diamonds directly, cutting out costs, sub-par diamonds and middlemen. We still make our own jewelry, customizing designs for individual tastes. We still put customers ahead of profit, making a sale only when we see that it is the right one.

Daniel Levi could barely have dreamed of the showroom we own today. But what we wish we could tell him is that we owe today’s successes to his love of people and his willingness to slow down and listen.

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